SEMA Show, Las Vegas 2011

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(Guest posting from Travis Shaw)

SEMA Las Vegas 2011 was a weeklong massive convention that can't be summed up by pictures/websites/blogs/etc. To truly experience SEMA, one must truly see it in person to get the sense of how huge it truly is. SEMA this year was divided into two conventions - SEMA at the Las Vegas Convention Center and AAPEX (Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo) at the Sands Convention Center. To go through everything, it would take a minimum of 3 days at 8 hours each day to make it through it all.

AAPEX was designed to truly meet your part suppliers and to make deals. It is the insider's place to be and looked more business-like. There was a massive Chinese showing at AAPEX - trying to sell everything from light bulbs to ball joints to gaskets to radiators while trying to undercut the competition's price. It takes one full day to see all of AAPEX.

SEMA would be considered more show-like. This convention is MASSIVE. They jam-pack every convention area, hallway and parking lot with things to see. I saw every automotive-related parts manufacturer that I could think of at SEMA or AAPEX - except oddly enough Alpine.

Among celebrities were many auto drivers such as Deegan and Faust. There were several celebrity car builders signing autographs such as Foose. I also spotted Tim Duncan walking around.

Overall it was a phenomenal yet tiring experience. If you get the opportunity to go, don't pass it up.